Faculty of Communication and Media





In 1976 , the Department of Media was established at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in the Male Campus. It was one of the first media departments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The department offered the following four tracks:



The first batch of graduates from the Department of media was in 1984.

In 2007, the Department of Media was created in the Female Campus and had only one track, namely Journalism. The first batch of female students to graduate from the Media Department was in 2010.

In 2009, the External Study Program was introduced granting bachelor's degree in Public Relations.





The Faculty of Communication and Media was established during the academic year 2012 following the administrative order No. 24158/ق issued on 16/10/2012. The aim was to provide qualified national cadres in the fields of communication, arts, and media to contribute to the achievement of the Kingdom’s development goals and to promote its image locally and globally. The newly established faculty consisted of the following departments:



In 2018 , the University Council approved name changes for some departments following the administrative order No. 80909/40/د issued on 13/3/2019 . The changes were as follows:

1- The name of the Department of Journalism was changed to the Department of Journalism and Digital Media.

2- The name of the Department of Directing and Design was changed to the Department of Audio and Visual Production.





As part of the Faculty plan for the development of its academic programs, the Faculty of Communication and Media has devised its strategic plan in line with the Kingdom's ambitious Vision 2030, resulting in the restructuring of academic departments and reviewing and developing its programs. The University Council approved the new study plans for the faculty academic programs during the academic year 2020. The revised study plans have been designed to meet the highest standards and are benchmarked against programs of internationally renowned communication and media institutions. The reviewed programs are:





FCM Bachelor degree






FCM Deploma degree




The Diploma of the Public Relations Practitioner was launched during the academic year 2018 and the first batch graduated in the first semester of 2020.

The Diploma in Digital Marketing Communication was launched in the second semester of 2020.



FCM Master degree





The Master's program in Communication and Media was launched during the first semester of 2014.



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