To achieve sustainable quality and obtain national and international program accreditation.






Leadership in the quality of academic and administrative performance and serving the community through scientific research.





The College of Communication & Media seeks to improve its educational outcomes and the performance of its academic and administrative units in line with its strategic plan and the university's plan to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision. Therefore, all faculty members are fully committed to providing services that exceed the requirements and expectations of interested parties. To achieve its quality objectives, the college is committed to actively pursue the following:

    Effective application of QMS as per ISO 9001:2015.

    Continuous training and development for academic and administrative staff.

    Continual improvement of the QMS by reviewing quality objectives and making maximum use of available resources.

    Improving policies and processes, ensuring continued monitoring, and implementing operational plans, performance measurement and risk management.

    Communicating quality culture to employees and stakeholders and raising their awareness of the need to implement quality and safety management systems.



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