The Faculty of Communication and Media has launched its strategic plan " HADATH", or “EVENT”, which is aligned with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020, to serve as a roadmap for the future and to highlight the faculty’s quest to achieve the objectives of KSA Vision 2030. The vision and mission outlined by the Faculty strategic plan have helped to identify four key perspectives, namely education and learning, scientific research, leadership and management, and entrepreneurship.


The focus of the strategic plan of the Faculty of Communication and Media is to realize KAU's ambitious targets by promoting research and scholarship, enhancing community engagement, and moving toward the knowledge-based economy. The FCM has clearly ensured that its strategic plan is aligned directly with the third KAU Strategic Plan "TAZIZ" and the Ministry of Education Plan "AFAQ.”


Under the close supervision of the Strategic Center for Kingdom’s Vision Realization at KAU, the FCM strategic planning process went through several stages. The steering committee in charge of the project laid the groundwork by providing guidance and setting priorities. Hence, sub-committees were created and project teams representative of various faculty units were formed. A series of workshops were conducted during which participants were engaged in a range of interactive activities and discussions focusing on diagnosing the current environment of the faculty. Tools and matrices such as the SWOT analysis, the cross-analysis TOWS matrix, and the Gap Analysis were used to analyze the faculty’s internal and external factors. The focus was on leveraging strengths and opportunities to overcome weaknesses and threats. The next stage in the process identified strategic priorities, or themes. As a result, goals were set, initiatives were put into action, and performance indicators were used to monitor progress.








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