1. Implement the procedures and regulations for bachelor's degrees and make sure they are enforced.

2. Coordinate with departments, faculties, Deanship of Admissions and Registration, and other sectors to facilitate the procedures and tasks of Academic Affairs Unit.

3. Coordinate with the departments to prepare academic schedules and ensure that they are sanctioned by the Deanship of Admissions and Registration.

4. Assign new students to their program majors.

5. Review the equivalencies of both transfer and re-enrolled students at the beginning of every semester and supervise internal transfers between departments.

6. Monitor closely the processes of add, drop and withdrawal of courses by students.

7. Follow up with students who are expected to graduate and deliver clearance forms to those who graduated.









  About Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an essential pillar of any educational system. It is the basic step that guarantees collaborative relationship between faculty and students. Academic Advising also helps students to evaluate and realize educational options by making appropriate course selections and educational and career plans.


  Academic Advising Vision at FCM

The Faculty of Communication and Media, represented by the Academic Affairs Unit, strives to improve its advising services by making them available to students to meet their needs and to assist them to develop their personalities and skills. Furthermore, the Academic Affairs Unit constantly endeavours to bring the level of advising services in line with the global standards in higher learning institutions.


  FCM Mission for Academic Advising

The academic advising services at FCM seek to provide a variety of services to students to meet their academic needs and to improve their skills to overcome the difficulties encountered during their studies. The Education Affairs Unit, therefore, focuses on strengthening cooperation with the University's faculties to provide students with quality services that are crucial to the educational process


 Academic Advising Goals

The academic advising process at the Faculty of Communication and Media aims to translate the Faculty’s ambitions to help students understand their academic problems and ensure that they are dealt with adequately.
















1. Coordinate with Faculty departments on schedules for periodic and final semester exams.

2. Supervise exams for all Faculty courses and the Preparatory Year.




















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