Bachelor of Digital Media

Graduation Requirements: 120 credit hours.


Compulsory Courses


JCOM 211 Media Writing 3 Prerequisites:

The media writing course aims to provide the student with the skills and tools for media editing and writing, by explaining the theoretical and applied aspects of editing and writing for various media, the art of writing news materials and opinion materials in traditional and digital electronic media, while identifying the various information sources, electronic sources, and the art of conducting interviews, Investigations and surveys for the purpose of gathering information in the media, studying drafting and editing templates, through lectures, tasks and practical applications.

AVP 202 Media Ethics and Legislation 3 Prerequisites:

This course seeks to introduce students with media systems and legislation that regulate media work, enhance student information about violations and prohibitions that may occur in media, in addition to studying the ethical framework for media and discussing media honor codes at the local and international levels.

JCOM 341 Digital Photography 3 Prerequisites:

This course aims to give the student knowledge about the basic concepts of digital photography, provide them with the necessary expertise to use modern techniques in professional photography, and provide them with skills related to fixed and mobile digital photography, using software related to the editing, processing and printing of digital images. In addition, the course focuses on the employment and utilization of digital images in the fields of media and some areas of art and other fields of education, and how to exploit the new features of digital cameras.

JCOM 342 Digital Design 3 Prerequisites:
JCOM 121

This course aims to introduce digital design, its importance, characteristics, basic forms, elements and principles, as well as presenting color theory and its psychological effects, the most important typography and their use in informational designs, schools, production foundations, measurements in design, types of images, and their employment in media designs.

JCOM 343 News Editing 3 Prerequisites:
JCOM 211

News editing course introduces the news writing, its historical and technical development, its characteristics, sources, elements, types and divisions, reviews methods of its writing in the media, forms of news materials, and aims to teach basic skills for the manufacture of news content, methods of formulation and editing, in addition to training and practical applications in the field of news gathering, formulation and editing.

JCOM 321 Digital media and Society 3 Prerequisites:
AVP 202

This course aims to introduce digital media and its relationship to the most important social issues, and to build a mental image of this digital environment and its relationship to sustainable social development and the set of new values related to its various contents, and how it can be used in crisis management.

JCOM 331 Data Journalism 3 Prerequisites:

This course aims to introduce the new trends in the field of digital journalism in general and data journalism in particular, and to present the most important models for data journalism, forms and types of data, the difference between data and information, how to access and obtain data, analyzing it, methods of processing and analyzing it, and identifying the applications in visual narration of news using data.

JCOM 344 Digital Content Production 2 Prerequisites:
JCOM 342

This course is considered an introduction to the production of digital content in multimedia through the use of content production tools. It is also an introduction to the most important patterns and forms of digital content and their applications. It explains the different ways of building a solid storytelling and the skills of using specialized applications in producing digital content.

JCOM 345 Investigative Journalism 3 Prerequisites:
JCOM 343

This course aims to provide the student with knowledge about accurate media investigation and investigation on topics and issues of public affairs, and absorb the most important theoretical, practical, legal and ethical controls and technical and creative steps, where the student produces investigative media materials and contents based on reliable sources and publishes them in the written and electronic press, and discloses them to the public and public opinion. Through this course, the student benefits in developing his creative abilities in the field of journalistic writing, especially in the digital media environment with unique technological peculiarities.

JCOM 423 Economics of Digital Media 3 Prerequisites:
JCOM 345

This course aims to provide the student with knowledge about the economics of digital media, how to link digital media and the economic system in general and the Arab economic system in particular, and to familiarize with the principles of marketing via the Internet.

JCOM 424 Digital Media Research 3 Prerequisites:
JCOM 331

Digital media research course deals with the developments in research methodology related to the digital environment. It enables the student to know the digital methods of qualitative and quantitative research theoretically, practically, and critically as well as the differences between these methods and the conventional research methods. In addition, it explores how to use digital research tools in order to reach a deeper understanding of the phenomena that occur in the digital environment.

JCOM 425 Digital Identity 3 Prerequisites:
JCOM 344

This course aims to provide the student with knowledge about the concept of digital identity for companies, institutions and individuals, and an overview of its development. In addition to the identity industry, it focuses on the stages of preparation, implementation and evaluation as well as the basic skills of the digital identity industry, such as using digital platforms and appropriate tools to assess the digital identity and digital presence of Saudi individuals and institutions. As a practical application of the concepts of digital identity, a digital identity is created for a brand and a professional digital identity for the student.

JCOM 426 Legal Issues in Digital Media 3 Prerequisites:
JCOM 321

Providing journalism and digital media students with information and scientific knowledge of the legal issues and problems they are exposed to or affected by, and developing their skills and abilities to understand and deal with these issues.

JCOM 446 Internship 6 Prerequisites:
JCOM 423

This course includes cooperative training with institutions and media agencies that help students to apply all skills they learned in the production and management of digital content - social media applications - use of tools and techniques - management of news websites and social media - digital media - design of websites - interactive writing of websites.

JCOM 447 Graduation Project 5 Prerequisites:
JCOM 424

The graduation project is an expression of the compendium of knowledge and skills that students have acquired in all courses, is characterized by its practical and procedural character, based on their origins, scientific principles and principles of social responsibility, and their readiness for the labor market. The student designs or produces digital content that can be published on various digital media platforms, whether a website, social media or smart applications, and designs an electronic video to discuss social topics that serve to provide meaningful content, or cultivate an idea or a culture.


List of Elective Courses


(The student chooses 3 courses only)

PS111 Saudi political system 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Economics and Administration ……(Click here)

BL101 Principles of Law 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Law ……(Click here)

PS101 Introduction to Political Science 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Economics and Administration ……(Click here)

SOC 215 Contemporary Issues and Problems 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities ……(Click here)

PL380 Human Rights 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Law ……(Click here)

PSY410 Media Psychology 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities ……(Click here)

MRKC223 International Marketing Communication 3 Prerequisites:

This course reviews the principles of marketing from a global perspective, with a focus on decisions related to the marketing communications mix. This course also focuses on discussing and analyzing the marketing processes and strategies that companies use when marketing their products in foreign countries in the field of international marketing. It also addresses the complex environment of international marketing and the need to understand the various economic, social, political, cultural and legal dimensions, and how these environmental factors influence from methodological perspectives and integrate them into marketing programs and strategies.

AVP221 Commentary and Voiceover 3 Prerequisites:

This course deals with the methods and skills of upgrading sound materials to improve sound performance, by identifying different audio layers that fit radio formats, as well as voice acting skills in series, documentaries and animations.

JCOM312 Media Criticism 3 Prerequisites:

This course aims to provide student with knowledge about media criticism based on a set of theoretical and applied controls based on creative steps to analyze and critique models of media contents in traditional and new media, and to identify the role of media criticism in developing programs and media materials and evaluating them in terms of form, content, style, media language and medium It also teaches the strengths/weaknesses of and positive/negative aspects of media materials before publishing or broadcasting, and the most important major schools will be identified as media criticism, its functions, levels, its importance and its impact on shaping public taste.

AVP222 Introduction to Animation 3 Prerequisites:


JCOM231 Journalistic Arts 3 Prerequisites:

This course includes an in-depth study of journalistic arts. In its practical aspect, the course includes practical training in gathering and analyzing news and journalistic arts, with a focus on the executive steps for writing news articles, news introductions, headlines, and templates for editing news materials, in addition to training on writing opinion materials and journal articles.

PR224 Management and Strategic Communication 3 Prerequisites:

This course covers basic theories, concepts and applications of strategic communication. It is an overview of practices in communication management: research design, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Students explore the problems that challenge contemporary organizations by analyzing case studies, conducting research, and designing possible solutions.


Free Courses

Free Course (1) Free Course 3 Prerequisites:
Free Course (2) Free Course 3 Prerequisites:




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