Bachelor's Degree in Audio and Visual Production

Graduation Requirements: 120 credit hours.


Compulsory Courses


AVP311 Principles of Audio-visual Production 3 Prerequisites:

The course aims to study audio-visual production, theoretically and practically, in terms of how to prepare television and radio material, in addition to identifying the staff entrusted with the production of these programs, including presenters, photographers, directors and producers. Digital and computer applications in radio and television broadcast production.

AVP322 Radio and TV Presentation 3 Prerequisites:

The course deals with introducing the student to the skills of radio and television presentation, by knowing the characteristics of the broadcaster and his responsibilities, training in presentation in various forms and program formats, charisma in front of the camera and skills of employing the voice behind the microphone, and dealing with emergency and embarrassing situations during presentation, in order to ensure a qualitative formation in line with the requirements of the needs of media institutions. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

AVP323 Lighting and Photography 3 Prerequisites:

This course aims to enable students to produce high quality visual materials by employing lighting in coloring the image and controlling its properties, and to introduce students to lighting laws and safety procedures when operating lighting and electrical devices. The course also seeks to familiarize the student with how to use the camera, and the controls that enable the student to produce a good photograph or film. As well as introducing the student to the types of cameras, lenses, accessories, equipment and devices required in production projects. This course also seeks to introduce students to the concept of cinematography, and to know the components of a film camera and the difference between them and television cameras, the way they work, and the techniques of dealing with them. It also focuses on the artistic and creative uses of modern digital cameras in addition to film editing techniques. The course also deals with introducing modern trends in film direction and understanding the terms and concepts related to production processes, preparation and artistic treatment of cinematic work with the application to implement individual and group projects inside and outside the college studios.

AVP312 Writing for Audio and Video Production 3 Prerequisites:

This course seeks to introduce students to the foundations, methods, and stages of writing radio scripts for various program templates and forms in the field of audio-visual radio production.

AVP324 Video and Audio Editing 3 Prerequisites:

This course aims to introduce the student to the methods of production and directing of audio materials, and to develop the student's basic skills in producing, directing and editing programs and practical radio reports using digital recorders and related computer programs and directing work for these materials. This course also seeks to develop the student's basic skills related to video editing and its methods, enable the student to use modern equipment and applications, and train students on symbolic expression in image and sound in the field of video editing.

AVP325 Graphic Design and Visual Effects 3 Prerequisites:

This course aims to develop students' basic skills in producing, directing and editing programs and practical television reports using studio and computer programs, with a focus on visual effects and holograms.

AVP326 Visual and Audio Output 3 Prerequisites:

This course aims to introduce the student to the theory of output and the way to build a clear vision in directing. It also aims to clarify how television directing in terms of tools, production and forms, focusing on the elements of building the language of the image and on each of the lighting, decoration, sound and visual effects and the role of each in the production process. It also explains how to do TV montage, while clarifying the different technical methods of directing.

AVP421 Animation Industry 2 Prerequisites:

The course deals with the historical, technical and technical aspects in the field of animation design, sound scientific methods for implementing two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation, and making use of appropriate visual effects techniques for animation.

AVP422 Documentary and Drama Production 3 Prerequisites:

This course deals with the methods of news gathering, producing documentaries and news programs, and preparing news reports for radio and television. The course also deals with the difference between preparing news for radio and the work of a reporter for radio and television, and identifying the types and types of documentaries and films. The course also deals with the basics and pillars of the production process of dramas, and to identify the levels of performance and processes of dramatic production on the part of production managers.

AVP423 Video and Audio Advertising 3 Prerequisites:

The audio-visual advertising course aims to introduce the student to the concept, objectives and nature of audio-visual media. It also aims to introduce the approaches and theories of advertising communication in the field of audio-visual advertising, TV and radio advertising templates, in addition to practical training on producing audio-visual advertising templates according to modern production technologies.

AVP424 Applied Production Workshop 3 Prerequisites:

The course aims for practical practice and application by the student of the set of skills and knowledge acquired from all previously studied courses. This course also aims to enhance the students’ ability and train them in planning and production of audio-visual templates and program forms, using computer applications and digital equipment, through applied scientific workshops, with Ensure that the student implements all the acquired skills to produce a product based on preparation, organization and final output in the form of audio material.

AVP426 Graduation Project 4 Prerequisites:

This course aims to practically measure the accumulation of knowledge and skills that students have acquired over the years of specialization studies in terms of the ability to invent, choose and employ creative ideas, and the ability to search for sources of information, filter and process it dramatic or documentary, and write the appropriate executable scenario in an innovative way. The course also measures the students' ability to develop work plans for the production of television or film works, the ability to implement television and film editing and directing, and reach the final stages of producing audio and video materials.

AVP425 Cooperative Training 6 Prerequisites:

The course aims to provide practical experience for the labor market by providing a foundational training experience through which the student applies the totality of theoretical and applied knowledge that he acquired over the course of the different semesters, where the student is assigned production tasks for radio and television programs - short films - recording films (management - editing and preparation - photography).

JCOM 211 Media writing 6 Prerequisites:

This course aims to provide students with editorial and media writing skills and tools by explaining the theoretical and practical aspects of editing and writing to the different media, the arts of writing news and opinion materials in traditional and digital electronic media, identifying various sources of information, electronic sources, the art of conducting interviews, investigations and surveys for information-gathering purposes in the media, and studying drafting and editing models, through lectures, costs and practical applications.

AVP212 Media Ethics and Legislation 5 Prerequisites:

This course seeks to acquaint students with media systems and legislation that regulate media work, enhance student information about violations and prohibitions that may occur in the media, in addition to studying the ethical framework for media and discussing media honor codes at the local and international levels.


List of Elective Courses


(The student chooses 3 courses only)

PS111 Saudi political system 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Economics and Administration ……(Click here)

BL101 Introduction to Law 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Law ……(Click here)

PS101 Introduction to Political Science 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Economics and Administration ……(Click here)

SOC 215 Contemporary Issues and Problems 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities ……(Click here)

PL380 Human Rights 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Law ……(Click here)

PSY410 Media Psychology 3 Prerequisites:

This course is given by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities ……(Click here)

MRKC223 International Marketing Communication 3 Prerequisites:

This course reviews the principles of marketing from a global perspective, with a focus on decisions related to the marketing communications mix. This course also focuses on discussing and analyzing the marketing processes and strategies that companies use when marketing their products in foreign countries in the field of international marketing. It also addresses the complex environment of international marketing and the need to understand the various economic, social, political, cultural and legal dimensions, and how these environmental factors influence from methodological perspectives and integrate them into marketing programs and strategies.

AVP221 Commentary and Voiceover 3 Prerequisites:

This course deals with the methods and skills of upgrading sound materials to improve sound performance, by identifying different audio layers that fit radio formats, as well as voice acting skills in series, documentaries and animations.

JCOM312 Media Criticism 3 Prerequisites:

This course aims to provide student with knowledge about media criticism based on a set of theoretical and applied controls based on creative steps to analyze and critique models of media contents in traditional and new media, and to identify the role of media criticism in developing programs and media materials and evaluating them in terms of form, content, style, media language and medium It also teaches the strengths/weaknesses of and positive/negative aspects of media materials before publishing or broadcasting, and the most important major schools will be identified as media criticism, its functions, levels, its importance and its impact on shaping public taste.

AVP222 Introduction to Animation 3 Prerequisites:


JCOM231 Journalistic Arts 3 Prerequisites:

This course includes an in-depth study of journalistic arts. In its practical aspect, the course includes practical training in gathering and analyzing news and journalistic arts, with a focus on the executive steps for writing news articles, news introductions, headlines, and templates for editing news materials, in addition to training on writing opinion materials and journal articles.

PR224 Management and Strategic Communication 3 Prerequisites:

This course covers basic theories, concepts and applications of strategic communication. It is an overview of practices in communication management: research design, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Students explore the problems that challenge contemporary organizations by analyzing case studies, conducting research, and designing possible solutions.


Free Courses

Free Course (1) Free Course 3 Prerequisites:
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