Course Descriptions

Required Hours: 128 hours


COM 205 Persuasion 3 Prerequisites:

This course generally provides the realization of the need for persuasion to influence others, identify the engines and forms of persuasion. The course also covers how to deal with different types of audiences and how to deal with them depending on the sender's capabilities to convince and the listener's ability to be convinced.

COM 206 Arab & Islamic Mass Communication 3 Prerequisites:

This course presents a brief overview of the definition of Arabic and Islamic media, their concepts, characteristics, objectives, functions, theories and applications, and the course also reviews media institutions that achieve joint media cooperation, problems and shortcomings in the media worlds in the Arab and Islamic worlds and ways of development.

COM 312 Computer & Internet in Communication 3 Prerequisites:
COM 201

This course provides an overview about the types and components of the computer, threads to computer, such as viruses, in addition to the introduction of the Internet and information networks and their uses and benefits.

COM 380 Principles of Advertising 3 Prerequisites:
COM 201

This course introduces the concept, origin, development, types and importance of advertising as a promotional communication activity used by advertisers to communicate through different advertising means, the importance of advertising and its economic and social implications, and the relationship of advertising to marketing, promotion and consumer habits.

COM 483 Economics of Advertising 3 Prerequisites:
COM 390

This course introduces the functions and economic activities of advertising, building message strategies and advertising tools, ad budgeting standards and decisions, planning and economic foundations for campaign management, as well as addressing messaging strategies and advertising, the relationship of advertising to competition and the type of demand.

COM 484 Advertising & Society 3 Prerequisites:

This course provides a brief overview of the concepts of advertising and society, the relationship of advertising to society, advertising legislation and controls, types of advertising disinformation and social responsibility of advertising stemming from its ethics, and addresses the negative and positive social effects of advertising affecting society.

COM 485 International & Cross-cultural Advertising 2 Prerequisites:
COM 381

This course introduces the concepts of international advertising and advertising across cultures and its functions and the marketing, promotional, cultural and social variables under which it operates, and focuses on the planning and implementation of international advertising campaigns and the presentation of case studies of international advertising in Saudi Arabia, problems and treatment of international advertising across cultures.

COM 492 Advertising Campaigns 3 Prerequisites:
COM 381

This course introduces advertising campaigns, their definitions and components, audience trend models, analyzing cases, ad campaign objectives and strategies, advertising planning, and how to combine means in light of their relationship with the targeted audience, the building and testing of messages, budgeting and scheduling, and the implementation and evaluation of advertising campaigns.

COM 482 Management of Advertising 3 Prerequisites:
COM 381

This course introduces the concept of management and the nature of work in advertising management in businesses and advertising agencies, knowledge about functions and organization of advertising management and methods of oversight, with a review of advertising agencies and their functions and organization.

COM 381 Marketing Communication 3 Prerequisites:
COM 380

This course provides an overview of the concept of marketing communication and elements of the marketing and promotional mix, planning of marketing communication campaigns and reviewing the promotional strategies used to communicate with the target audiences, as well as the role played by each element of the promotional mix, especially advertising in integrated marketing communication plans.

COM 390 Advertising Media 3 Prerequisites:
COM 380

This course provides a brief overview of the types of traditional and new advertising means and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and the determination of their budgets, and to identify the concept of planning the means of advertising and the stages of its development, as well as the concept of the liquid mix and factors affecting its size, in addition to the scheduling of advertising means and their importance.

COM 391 Creativity in Advertising 3 Prerequisites:
COM 380

This course provides a brief overview of the concept of creativity in advertising and its definitions and importance to advertising strategies and objectives, as well as focusing on the factors influencing the creative construction of advertising, writing and designing advertising text, creativity in the use of images and graphics in advertising.

COM 495 Practicum I 3 Prerequisites:
COM 391

This course provides a practical training on idea preparation, text writing, conceptualization and implementation of advertising in companies and advertising agencies.

COM 494 Graduation Project 4 Prerequisites:
COM 495

This course provides an overview of the process of training and qualifying students to design an advertising campaign or creating a plan for advertising means or designing a set of advertisements. The course also deals with acquiring students the skill of conducting research in the field of means and advertising messages.

COM 496 Practicum I I 5 ساعات Prerequisites:
COM 495

This course helps to recognize the usual working style within companies and advertising agencies, and the consolidation of the concept of practical training among students as a practical reality through external training by specialized trainers, as well as a follow-up by the Faculty in order to ensure the professional growth of students, and acquire the basic skills of marketing work.





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