Course Descriptions

Required Hours: 128 hours


COM 201 Introduction to Mass Media 3 Prerequisites:

This course provides a simplified understanding of the importance and need of communication, tools and elements of communication, as well as an introduction to the development of mass media (journalism, radio, television and the Internet), and on how social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are used.

COM 203 News in Mass Media 2 Prerequisites:

This course presents the definition of the press news and its types, news values that must be presented in the press news, characteristics of the news and templates for writing of the news and the development of the news, the difference between printed and electronic news and the most important editorial processes carried out by the press editor for the appearance of the news in its proper context, as it deals with the rules of writing the press news.

COM 307 International Mass Communication 3 Prerequisites:
COM 204

This course introduces the importance and objectives of international media, identifies models of international radio and satellite channels and the most important cultural, legal and social problems of live broadcasting, as well as addresses the problem of the imbalance in the rapid flow of information and the new international media system, as well as to learn about the concept of media freedom and the factors affecting them and news agencies and their services and responsibilities, and the concept of globalization and its areas, pros and cons.

COM 320 Editing I 3 Prerequisites:
COM 203

This course provides the foundations of journalistic writing, how to follow the scientific and practical foundations in the editing of both (types of titles - introduction - comment accompanying the image), and also deals with how to write a journalistic report.

COM 321 Photojournalism 3 Prerequisites:
COM 201

This course presents the concept and role of images in journalism, the success factors of the photojournalist, modern technologies in the field of digital photography, types of digital cameras, lenses and digital camera terminologies, graphic design rules, how to digitalize the press image, digital camera quality standards, features and disadvantages of digital camera, and mobile camera photography.

COM 322 Electronic Journalism 3 Prerequisites:
COM 420

This course provides a brief overview of the technical developments of print journalism, definition of electronic journalism and the most important programs used in electronic publishing and its advantages, knowledge of interactive tools and the basics of writing for websites, web design schools, electronic newspapers and the success of electronic newspapers, as well as comparisons between the editing of print and electronic materials.

COM 330 Specialized Journalism 3 Prerequisites:
COM 420

This course introduces specialized journalism, genres, technical and editorial foundations to specialized newspapers and magazines and determines their functions, as well as training in the preparation of contents for specialized print and online newspapers, and the types of editorial materials they contain.

COM 331 Magazine Journalism 3 Prerequisites:
COM 422

This course introduces magazine definition and the difference between magazines and daily and weekly newspapers, and learn about the types of magazines and methods of organization and financing, as well as how to edit and direct the magazine and the technical and practical foundations followed, and the introduction of electronic magazines on the Internet.

COM 423 Editing II 3 Prerequisites:
COM 422

This course provides a full understanding of the fundamental differences between the functions of the journalistic arts, the definition of both (press talk, investigative journalism- newspaper article) and the importance, types and methods of writing each of them, and it also deals with analyzing and criticizing examples of interviews, reports, and articles.

COM 424 Desktop Publishing 3 Prerequisites:
COM 422

This course provides a brief overview of the definition of desktop publishing, the development stages of printing and publishing methods, modern printing technology and its applications in the field of desktop publishing, the environmental implications of using desktop publishing technology, and how to produce electronic and printed pages.

COM 425 Journalistic Design & Layout 3 Prerequisites:
COM 423

This course provides a brief overview of the concepts of design, its theories, its elements, the cognitive, visual and aesthetic variables that govern it, the topographic elements, their functions and their uses, and methods of artistic production of newspapers with application to Saudi newspapers, with reference to the differences between the production of ordinary-cut newspapers and newspapers with half-pieces (tabloids) and magazines, and exposure to modern techniques in design, production and processing of images using related software.

COM 428 Practicum I 3 Prerequisites:
COM 423

This course provides training in the writing and editing of all journalistic arts and the usual way of working within the press institutions, how to deal with various journalistic credible and objective sources, and selecting news and information from them, as well as providing students with the field experience necessary for practical practice and the awareness of the importance of practical training in media institutions.

COM 432 Journalism Information Systems 2 Prerequisites:
COM 423

This course provides the definition of journalistic information systems, methods of organizing journalistic information centers, understanding the requirements and services of journalistic information centers, and examines the sources and methods of obtaining information, modern techniques and their uses in journalistic information centers, and the identification of newspaper catalogs, indexing and classification of information and technical processing of press clippings.

COM 433 Press Institutions’ Management 3 Prerequisites:
COM 423

This course provides an assessment of the management systems and their relationship with the press institution, and the information technology management in the press production and advertising sector, as well as how to calculate the budgets of press organizations.

COM 427 Graduation Project 4 Prerequisites:
COM 428

This course provides an overview about preparing, editing and directing a printed or electronic newspaper or magazine, or working on a graduate research project in the field of journalism and digital media, while following and guiding students during the preparation period of the project and providing students with the necessary assistance.

COM 429 Practicum I I 5 Prerequisites:
COM 428

This course provides an overview about recognizing the working methods in press institutions, and the consolidation of the concept of practical training among students as a practical reality through training within a press institution under specialized trainers, as well as follow-up by the Faculty in order to ensure the professional growth of students, and to acquire the basic skills of journalism work.





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