Course Descriptions

Required Hours: 128 hours


COM 202 Saudi Mass Communication & its rules 2 Prerequisites:

This course provides the identification of the emergence of Saudi media from the press, radio and television and the development that accompanied each medium as well as the identification of legislation, laws, regulations and media rules in the Kingdom, charters of honor, ethics of media work and the quality and nature of censorship of various media and the rights of others.

COM 210 Communication Theories 3 Prerequisites:

This course introduces the most important communication theories from the introduction to mass society theories to the study of theories of understanding the means of mass communication and its role in modern societies, as well as theories related to the functions of the means of communication and theories of the spread of information, theories on the influence of means of communication, and the study of mass communication as social systems.

COM 311 Research Methods in Mass Communication 3 Prerequisites:
COM 210

This course provides the introduction of theoretical and applied aspects of scientific research methods in different fields of media and reviews of different models of media research to introduce the student to the scientific method, thinking, objective conclusion and how to deal with available sources, as well as focusing on the methods and research tools used in media studies such as content analysis of the media message and survey studies.

COM 360 Principles in Public Relations 3 Prerequisites:
COM 201

This course introduces the philosophies and theories of public relations to different contemporary societies and institutions and their scientific and research dimensions, stages of planning and their various programs, and the stages of public relations programs, communication and mental image.

COM 361 International Public Relations 3 Prerequisites:
COM 360

This course provides the concepts, functions and objectives of public relations in international shops, marketing and promotional policies, planning and implementation methods in international public relations and problems public relations face, link of international public relations to marketing and promotion, propaganda methods used by the enemy and plans necessary to fight them on scientific grounds, and the process of planning public relations for companies and transnational institutions, a study of the problems that guide international public relations for transnational companies and institution.

COM 362 Public Relations Management & Organization 3 Prerequisites:
COM 360

This course provides the introduction of regulation in public relations, methods and organizational structures of public relations managements, philosophies and administrative functions under modern management and influencing methods, and evaluating methods in the performance of work in public relations managements.

COM 370 Media Production 2 Prerequisites:
COM 360

This course provides the introduction of the process of editorial, financial and technical planning of media production in public relations according to the targeted audience with a focus on the methods, components and technical stages of the production of various media materials printed, audio and video, technical and its uses in the production of media materials, evaluation of media production in public relations.

COM 371 Technology in Public Relations 3 Prerequisites:
COM 312

This course introduces the concept of media technology and its importance and the technical development of different media and the extent of its impact on public relations, as well as the new media that have become used in public relations programs, the Internet and its various uses in public relations.

COM 463 Advanced Cases Studies in Public Relations 3 Prerequisites:
COM 361

This course provides study cases and models from the reality of Saudi society to distinct public relations devices in their organization, functions and programs, and for various public relations campaigns and programs, analyzing and evaluating them through the foundations and models studied by the student in other courses.

COM 464 Organizational Communication 2 Prerequisites:
COM 362

This course presents the organizational theory and organizational process, its objectives and components, the concepts, definitions and functions of organizational communication, its relationship to public relations, its scientific theories and models, and the analysis of issues related to organizational communication.

COM 465 Public Relations in Crises 3 Prerequisites:
COM 362

This course provides a brief overview of advanced public relations entries in dealing with crises or anticipated or unforeseen events with a focus on methods of dealing with these crises and events such as problem solving, crisis management, system analysis, community case management, as well as event management methods.

COM 472 Public Relations Campaigns & Program’s Planning 3 Prerequisites:
COM 362

This course introduces the importance of planning in the field of public relations, its objectives, concepts, approaches and requirements, types of planning, its stages, and the problems it faces, with exposure to the goals and steps of campaigns and communication programs, planning stages, planning for public awareness campaigns, mental images, special events and press conferences, in addition to problems facing planning in public relations.

COM 473 Writing in Public Relations 4 Prerequisites:
COM 370

This course introduces various writing methods related to public relations, such as writing for newspapers, magazines, and corporate publications, as well as writing for radio and television.

COM 476 Practicum I 2 Prerequisites:
COM 362

This course offers training in writing and editing all the arts of public relations and the usual way of working within the department and institutions of public relations, how to conduct various campaigns and events professionally, make awareness films in different programs, and design different types of publications.

COM 475 Graduation Project 4 Prerequisites:
COM 376

This course provides a review of concepts, objectives and areas of evaluation and research in public relations with a focus on the scientific and procedural methods used in the research and evaluation processes and on the applied aspects of public relations through the preparation of a graduation project.

COM 477 Practicum I I 5 Prerequisites:
COM 376

This course provides the recognition of the training process in public relations departments of major institutions and the stages that go through the most important basic skills acquired by the student to work in the public relations departments in major institutions.





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