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The Department of Communication is a supportive department offering “Communication Skills,” a three-credit course for preparatory year students. Initially, the department was created as a Communication Skills Unit following the administrative order issued by His Excellency the President of the University no: 10809/ق on 5/7/1427 A.H. In its 56th session on 22/10/1430 A.H, the Higher Education Council approved to convert the Communication Skills Unit affiliated to Faculty of Arts and Humanities into the Department of Communication Skills, a supporting and a non-degree awarding department. In 1437 A.H, the Interim Committee in charge of the affairs of the Higher Education Council issued an order to transfer the Department of Communication Skills from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to the Faculty of Communication and Media and was subsequently renamed the Department of Communication.



Communication Skills Course




“Communication Skills” is not only an important course for university students but is also extremely useful to succeed in life. Since birth, every person is constantly in contact with others. He/she can leave a positive or a negative impression based on the effectiveness of his/her communicative abilities or lack thereof. Human communication cannot be left to spontaneous circumstances as it must be continuously developed and improved. In fact, there are basic principles that can be learned, skills that can be developed and concepts that must be instilled and fostered. The “Communication Skills” course focuses on preparing students to be successful in university, and when they later join the labor market. The course examines the principles of human communication and focuses on providing students with the requisite knowledge, skills, and behaviors essential to convey thoughts, feelings and to interact with others and make a positive impact. The course, therefore, seeks to equip students with effective communication tools and techniques essential for success. They include the abilities to listen actively and to express ideas clearly, as well as to be able to address large audiences.



Course Description




The “Communication Skills” course aims at familiarizing students with concepts and theories in the field of human communication and to acquire basic skills to connect and interact with self and others. Furthermore, it helps students to practice these skills in their daily and professional life using training methods and effective evaluation. The course is essentially designed as a training package with relevant tools that increase students’ comprehension and understanding. Students are trained to use illustrations as well as appropriate exercises and enrichment applications that are a critical course component for assessing their abilities and mastery of the requisite skills.



Course Goals & Objectives




Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Learn about the concept of human communication: Its theories, dimensions, and its role in the success of the individual on personal, social and professional levels.
  2. Acquire the skills necessary to communicate effectively with self and others socially and professionally.
  3. Apply communicative skills in different life situations.



Academic Administration




Dr. Mohammad Talal Mesawa

Department Chair

Assistant Professor


Dr. Khulood Abdullah Milyani

Department Supervisor/Female Campus

Associate Professor





Male Campus:



Ext: 61670


Female Campus:



Ext: 41146








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